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UKRAINE – The second largest European country after Russia.

Area 600,000 sq km or 230,000 sq miles

Capital Kiev, (Kyiv)

Before the escalation of the war with Russia it was the eighth most populated country in Europe with a population of about 41 million.
Prior to 2022 and the war, Ukraine was the largest grain exporters in the world.

Currency Hryvnia – The hryvnia is divided into 100 kopiyok - about 45 Ukrainian hryvnia to the Pound Sterling.

Ukraine has huge undulating fields providing much of the world with grain and other crops. It has some beautiful countryside. Away from the vast productive fields in central Ukraine there are numerous tourist attractions: mountain ranges etc. as well as many attractions along the Black Sea coastline.

The official language is Ukrainian with Russian also widely spoken. Since the war with Russia many people now avoid using the Russian language.

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