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Delia walking 100  miles

So ... now, seems suddenly, I find myself in my 80th year!! 


Having reached this milestone I would really like to 'celebrate' my many blessings and walk 100 miles locally in February for Christian Response to Eastern Europe, who do such an amazing job helping so many people in Ukraine and Moldova. 


Last year I walked to raise funds for a Generator though the need might be different this time.  If you are able to support my walk with sponsorship or simply a donation, it would be very welcome and appreciated particularly by the recipients in Ukraine.    


Hopefully, weather permitting I will start on 1st February and keep you updated as to how the miles are progressing. 


Thank you for your support and prayers at this difficult time for so many. 


Thursday 1st February and TT and I were off for the first of our walks. 

It was a pleasant day and felt good to be out and about again especially now the snowdrops are appearing in profusion - so beautiful and lifts the spirits.  

We managed just over 10 miles - 10 down, 90 to go!!  


The weather was being very kind so we were able to walk on Friday (7.29 miles) and Saturday (8.55 miles) which means we are making good progress so far. 


Whilst walking I try to keep in mind all those in Ukraine at this time and how fortunate and blest we are so far.      


Will be back to let you know how we are progressing. 



Since 1990 cr2ee has achieved a huge amount and helped thousands of people, changed lives for the better and most importantly given hope.


All this has only been achieved through the fantastic work of our volunteers and generous donors and at the age of 80, Delia is again trying to help by walking 100 miles.


If you would like to support Delia please make your cheque payable to cr2ee and write ‘Delia’ on the back of your cheque


or by direct transfer to:


Barclays bank, 20-30-47 and account number 20902446 and write Delia for the reference


Alternatively, use Just Giving and search for Christian Response

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