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Who are we?

We are old and young, male and female; we are all part of the same team.

The real heroes of the charity are:-

all the volunteers who willingly spend hours sorting in our store,

all the generous people who support us, many by Standing Order each month

all the lovely people who come to help load our truck in all weather

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Humanitarian Aid

Since we started in 1990 we have always endeavoured to take nothing but the best. This means a huge amount of work  and immense determination sorting through all the donations we receive to make certain everything is of good quality and, importantly needed.

Sometimes the pile of unsorted is so huge it can be disheartening but our wonderful team of determined and usually enthusiastic sorters turn mountains of donations into coloured bags of sorted quality aid.


If you are willing to volunteer and help please let us know.

01626 891945

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