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Our Christmas Truck

Hugh Scudder

5 Nov 2022

Fifteen tonnes loaded on Saturday evening, now on its way to give joy at Christmas time

Thank you for the fantastic support for our Christmas Appeal, over 5,000 Christmas Shoeboxes

The bitter winter has started and there are thousands in Ukraine without electricity. Before the war they enjoyed a good standard of living; towns and cities had hotels, restaurants and cafés.  Theatres, cinemas and many other centres of entertainment thrived.

The escalation of the war has changes all this, places of entertainment were quickly closed when it became obvious such establishments that attract crowds would also attract the attention of Mr Putin’s bombs and missiles.

More recently, the infrastructure has been targeted resulting in the widely published power cuts; thousands without electricity, heating etc. Their now life is largely lived in the dark and cold.

The fantastic financial support we have received has meant we had the funds to provide lots of wood for families and community.

Wood to keep them warm

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